August 21, 2007

Very good iPhone Finder


  • Filesystem navigation

  • Icons differentiate different filetypes

  • Copy, Move, Delete operations (requires that /bin/mv and /bin/cp be installed)

  • File creation and renaming

  • Application Launch - Also launches MobileStudio apps

Planned Features

  • Dynamic Associated File Types that launch file viewers (eg. song.mp3 launches audio program)

  • Preferences screen for start location, row size, hide ".file" files, and more

  • Launch Safari on URL shortcuts

  • Integrate with MobileTerminal on shell script execution

  • Improved visuals

  • SFTP/FTP/SMB connections with browser to allow file downloads

Usage Ideas

  • Use Application Launch feature to break the 16 app barrier

  • Use Copy/Paste to copy songs from your library in /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/Music to /Library/RingTones

  • Delete /var/root/Library to reset your settings (fixed my MobileTimer when it stopped allowing me to add clocks)

  • Delete unwanted applications

  • Edit plist files without a computer connection (when TextEdit integrates correctly)

  • Many, many more once full file operations are completed

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