August 24, 2007

NES - keyboard for the game on iPhone

Some of you may not remember the video Consoles 90. Incredibly, but is a child of XXI century iPhone revitalized seemed dead forever era NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Enthusiasts already almost a month developing cross-platform emulator playing Nintendo Consoles Entertaining System for the iPhone. You can imagine this causes : the whole world says to TrueColor, and then to you 8-bit nostalgic pleasure.

Play games (in the set are immediately hit 7), you should perform several actions (as advised developers), or use a utility iBrickr (easier), and welcome to the 90th!

And now the fun, it is hardly what you would expect to see this summer. This will be a key for iPhone ... so this is not a joke.

During a tense game at the "upper levels" finger could not be caught in a vital area of the touch screen, where drawn arrows management. To ease the lives of gamers, yourselfers created a NES Keyboard.

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