August 28, 2007

Eldar Murtazin : "In the corporate or business segment iPhone has no chance"

Eldar Murtazin continues to reflect iPhone. Now, the microscope lens, the main function of the phone calls. Among aspects of hardware and software features iPhone. Alongside all compared with Nokia N95.

If the SMS message, we determined that the iPhone is virtually nothing in stock, it is inherently telephone functions not bad, office calls, and this is a good thing. Ergonomics phone, dial, and all that relates to the call, the restructuring of the last century. User iPhone spends operations standard rooms on average twice as much time. At least 15 calls a day for the year nabezhit from 6 to 9 hours of pure time. Trifles, but it resulted in these times, which is no longer called flimsy.

Quality sound mean, there is no algorithm to improve the quality of speech. No voice nobody looks set to model this level, as well as with the technical solution, as a touch screen. Vypusti the same Nokia to market its device to a lack of voice dial and confused with the mud at the same time.
Call for Nokia N95.
Reservation that the description fit almost all phones on the market, regardless of their form-factor, the number of clicks remain the same. Opening slider means automatic unblock keys. One touch (1 hour). Then, you can call, dial the number. That is one thing that is required. At monoblocs enough, as a rule, press two keys, or one long detention to unlock key. Winning the ergonomics of the person. To call most of the functions present on the phone, requiring two hits. Release and subsequent retention of the number keys along the rapid recruitment. Press "1" is responsible for voicemail. Access to the phone book in two clicked from the blocked phone.
Let us give tabulated the data.

FunctionNokia N95Apple iPhone
Unlock1 Movement (1 second)1 movement and press button, 2 movement (4 second)
Access to digital keyboard1 movement (1 second)From 3 to 4 Movement (5 seconds)
Access to the phone book1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)
Speed dial1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 4 to 5 (5 seconds)
Lists Challenges1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)
Voice mail1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)

Ergonomics interface leaves much to be desired, as you can see. That is, in any phone costing between $ 30 and higher, you spend a call standard telephone functions less time than the iPhone. The difference at first glance, not much, no-one two seconds. But those seconds add up during the day in a minute of your time, which is spent because of the fact that someone does not understand how to create solutions in the field of ergonomic interfaces.

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