August 30, 2007

iFuntastic v3 Released

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. iFuntastic version 3 is here, and chock full of new features. Of course, the biggest feature request of all has been fulfilled - support for PowerPC processor. It also includes a real file browser which allows installing apps, uploading NES ROMs, and other miscellaneous files. But that's just the beginning.

One of the most important new features in v3 is "Unshackling". No longer will you have to un-jail and re-jail your iPhone for every modifiaction. Once you unshackle, you're free to make any modifications you please while simultaneously maintaining iTunes'ability to access the phone. Very sweet. The Home Screen section has been significantly updated. Just as you could in previous versions, iFuntastic allows you to rearrange the icons on your home screen, but it gets even cooler. You can now have multiple home screens with a different set of icons on each. Take that, Spaces. On top of that, you know have the ability to put backgrounds on each home screen as well as rotate them. Can you say "useful"?

Ringtones has also been updated. Remember that handy tip on getting free ringtones from iTunes? Now you can use iFuntastic to rip iTunes previews for you. Simply create a playlist of songs from the iTunes Music Store and drag the exported version into iFuntastic. The songs are downloaded from the store and uploaded right into your iPhone.

The new File Manager is awfully cool. It can be used to install new applications, save and delete files, and everything in between. iFuntastic also allows you to fiddle with system images and change the carrier logo, as you could in the past.

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