August 30, 2007

iFuntastic v3 Released

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. iFuntastic version 3 is here, and chock full of new features. Of course, the biggest feature request of all has been fulfilled - support for PowerPC processor. It also includes a real file browser which allows installing apps, uploading NES ROMs, and other miscellaneous files. But that's just the beginning.

One of the most important new features in v3 is "Unshackling". No longer will you have to un-jail and re-jail your iPhone for every modifiaction. Once you unshackle, you're free to make any modifications you please while simultaneously maintaining iTunes'ability to access the phone. Very sweet. The Home Screen section has been significantly updated. Just as you could in previous versions, iFuntastic allows you to rearrange the icons on your home screen, but it gets even cooler. You can now have multiple home screens with a different set of icons on each. Take that, Spaces. On top of that, you know have the ability to put backgrounds on each home screen as well as rotate them. Can you say "useful"?

Ringtones has also been updated. Remember that handy tip on getting free ringtones from iTunes? Now you can use iFuntastic to rip iTunes previews for you. Simply create a playlist of songs from the iTunes Music Store and drag the exported version into iFuntastic. The songs are downloaded from the store and uploaded right into your iPhone.

The new File Manager is awfully cool. It can be used to install new applications, save and delete files, and everything in between. iFuntastic also allows you to fiddle with system images and change the carrier logo, as you could in the past.

Original text

All iPhone tricks in one video

This video covers all the tricks that can be done with the iPhone.
Books, games, chat and other pleasant trifles.

August 29, 2007

Blogger offered 100,000 dollars for disclosing a method of breaking iPhone

Anonymous blogger site Blogspot proposed burglars iPhone 100,000 dollars for the announcement of the results of their work.

Man calls enthusiasts have developed a method unlock iPhone to share source code secret to ordinary users. According to the bloggers, but cash prizes hackers will be protected from possible claims Apple and A & T as freely distributed software, which in this case is uncommon Communicator program is not a violation of the law of copyright.

Hackers broke tilt sensor built iPhone

In the United States, hackers broke tilt sensor built iPhone, which inverts the image on the screen depending on the location. Access to the iPhone sensor allows for the creation of new programs, mostly entertainment.

Step by Step software iPhone unlock. Watch Video.

UniquePhones've video unlock iPhone. Quality bad as appeared at the Nokia N95, but all the steps are visible. See.

August 28, 2007

Eldar Murtazin : "In the corporate or business segment iPhone has no chance"

Eldar Murtazin continues to reflect iPhone. Now, the microscope lens, the main function of the phone calls. Among aspects of hardware and software features iPhone. Alongside all compared with Nokia N95.

If the SMS message, we determined that the iPhone is virtually nothing in stock, it is inherently telephone functions not bad, office calls, and this is a good thing. Ergonomics phone, dial, and all that relates to the call, the restructuring of the last century. User iPhone spends operations standard rooms on average twice as much time. At least 15 calls a day for the year nabezhit from 6 to 9 hours of pure time. Trifles, but it resulted in these times, which is no longer called flimsy.

Quality sound mean, there is no algorithm to improve the quality of speech. No voice nobody looks set to model this level, as well as with the technical solution, as a touch screen. Vypusti the same Nokia to market its device to a lack of voice dial and confused with the mud at the same time.
Call for Nokia N95.
Reservation that the description fit almost all phones on the market, regardless of their form-factor, the number of clicks remain the same. Opening slider means automatic unblock keys. One touch (1 hour). Then, you can call, dial the number. That is one thing that is required. At monoblocs enough, as a rule, press two keys, or one long detention to unlock key. Winning the ergonomics of the person. To call most of the functions present on the phone, requiring two hits. Release and subsequent retention of the number keys along the rapid recruitment. Press "1" is responsible for voicemail. Access to the phone book in two clicked from the blocked phone.
Let us give tabulated the data.

FunctionNokia N95Apple iPhone
Unlock1 Movement (1 second)1 movement and press button, 2 movement (4 second)
Access to digital keyboard1 movement (1 second)From 3 to 4 Movement (5 seconds)
Access to the phone book1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)
Speed dial1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 4 to 5 (5 seconds)
Lists Challenges1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)
Voice mail1 movement, 1 press (2 second)From 3 to 4 (5 seconds)

Ergonomics interface leaves much to be desired, as you can see. That is, in any phone costing between $ 30 and higher, you spend a call standard telephone functions less time than the iPhone. The difference at first glance, not much, no-one two seconds. But those seconds add up during the day in a minute of your time, which is spent because of the fact that someone does not understand how to create solutions in the field of ergonomic interfaces.

Hackers afraid, or on whose side the law?

American company UniquePhones has met to start selling software to unlock the iPhone, did not do so because of potential legal problems with the operator AT & T. The reason - call operator lawyers warned, as written by the company in his blog.

After saying they were phoning on behalf of AT&T, the law firm presented issues such as copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination. Uniquephones is taking legal advice to ascertain whether AT&T was sending a warning shot or directly threatening legal action.

Why AT & T so concerned? People perepragramirovali SIM-card's nobody screaming, and then suddenly decided to punish. Rather, the hackers did not get something, and they have decided to "call" to help lawyers AT & T-it's easier to get off the scene. But on the other hand, last year the Register copyright (Register of Copyrights) has recommended amendments to the Act on the protection of copyright in the digital millennium "(DMCA 1998), which unlock phones is legal. Phone owners were allowed to bring machine to full functionality, ability to connect to any operator, said in explaining the government.

Apollo - first IM-client for iPhone

Meet the first swallow a built-in pager iPhone Internet Apollo IM. So far, the program can work only with AOL accounts, but at the turn-ICQ. The developers said that their inspired Mac client Adium and work towards the full integration of all types of utility clients.

August 27, 2007

Funny article about iPhone - MUST SEE

Denver iPhone increasingly trying ridiculing phone.
This time out "interesting" art. I think it would be interesting to read everything and make sure that the phone as much as the fans and mesmerized.
Several photos from the article :

Hardware iPhone unlock

While all are waiting for news about uunlock of Engadget , you can try hardware, which was once code-named Geohot behalf of the young hacker George Hotza George Hotz, said

This method for advanced users, it requires operations inside the phone and use the various tools to convert schemes iPhone. Whether Jobs expect that the whole world is so zealously flexes detach from the leg belonged to Apple AT & T? Obviously, did not expect. At one engineer Apple has engaged hundreds who have been unwilling to change their operator for the sake of cooperation between the two companies. Apple should hasten the withdrawal of the product in Europe, as every day, it loses tens of potential clients.

August 24, 2007

NES - keyboard for the game on iPhone

Some of you may not remember the video Consoles 90. Incredibly, but is a child of XXI century iPhone revitalized seemed dead forever era NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Enthusiasts already almost a month developing cross-platform emulator playing Nintendo Consoles Entertaining System for the iPhone. You can imagine this causes : the whole world says to TrueColor, and then to you 8-bit nostalgic pleasure.

Play games (in the set are immediately hit 7), you should perform several actions (as advised developers), or use a utility iBrickr (easier), and welcome to the 90th!

And now the fun, it is hardly what you would expect to see this summer. This will be a key for iPhone ... so this is not a joke.

During a tense game at the "upper levels" finger could not be caught in a vital area of the touch screen, where drawn arrows management. To ease the lives of gamers, yourselfers created a NES Keyboard.

FAQ : Install applications on your iPhone

Whatever Apple claimed, but to put an application in the iPhone could and should be.

For platform MAC has Installer. app for PC-iBrickr. At last I will elaborate.

  • Download file from the developer
  • Unpacking. Running ibrickr.exe
  • Click on Free my iPhone.
  • Programm-ask download software company. We must synchronize the iPhone with iTunes, click on Restore button in iTunes. iTunes will ask you to return to the factory settings? Yes
  • Before starting downloading, disconnect iPhone, but not interrupt the download process.
  • When iTunes pump finish, it will begin to unpack the file and give - Error! ! ! click OK and close it. Connect your phone again. Go to iBrikr, click Check again
  • iBrikr propose overburden phone Restore Mode
  • Following the program

You can now set their ringtones, put software (list available here and here, including NES- games and books reders).

These operations can be done even a child. ;) Thx.

August 23, 2007

Created program for the work with IPhone under Windows - iBrickr

Cool! Is created program for the work with IPhone under Windows. In users Mac there is IFantastic, now there is IBrickr! Now, in order to unlock iPhone, to work with its file system, to installirovat' program, to dobavlyat'/udalyat' its ringtony and to change sounds SMS, mails and so forth it is not necessary to perform tiresome operations into tens of steps. All operations with the aid of one program!

Watch video
Download iBrickr

August 22, 2007

Bluetooth headset from Nokia and SE working with iPhone

As experiments Nokia Bluetooth headset HS-3W and SE HBH-200 without any problems working with the iPhone. Headset HBH SonyEricsson C-200 iPhone to work even Caller ID. Thus can be questioned outrage opponents of the iPhone that a small number of headsets compatible with the iPhone. If you use iPhone with outside headsets then please write about their experiences.

Hmm...Copy & Paste in iPhone?

If open Safari, go to any page for a fixed width (eg ...

... Further, the 2 seconds finger on the free press of the content space, it will be "Case" with the inscription Action.
Curiously, the longer nothing happens. This is probably a prototype for future operations Copy & Paste. Or perhaps something else, conceived Apple programmers in the next firmware.

Eldar Murtazin: "SMS on iPhone is a spacecraft to pedal power"

Eldar Murtazin is Russian analyst market mobile devices. So it is the site owner From the outset sales iPhone he habit of it requisitioned without sufficient reason. Below is a translation of an article in which he describes his experience with SMS to the iPhone.

P.S. Recently, the site has been DDOS attack, possibly revenge crush Apple iPhone.

What struck me deeply, it is no icon in the status bar messages. Of some applications, you may not know that you had SMS, only from the main menu. For example, passing well signal communication, you continue to listen to music or see something online. If you believe that the status line will show you the envelope icon, and you will see that there is a message, then no, you wrong. In Apple believes that excessive user awareness of such developments may distract him from the really important functions of the phone. Banal feature, but its absence podkashivaet times. Meanwhile pleasant to see SMS icon in the main menu figure with the number of reports received.

This is a small part of the speech Eldar SMS messages in the iPhone. The whole article is at only the Russian language and pictures.

August 21, 2007

Very good iPhone Finder


  • Filesystem navigation

  • Icons differentiate different filetypes

  • Copy, Move, Delete operations (requires that /bin/mv and /bin/cp be installed)

  • File creation and renaming

  • Application Launch - Also launches MobileStudio apps

Planned Features

  • Dynamic Associated File Types that launch file viewers (eg. song.mp3 launches audio program)

  • Preferences screen for start location, row size, hide ".file" files, and more

  • Launch Safari on URL shortcuts

  • Integrate with MobileTerminal on shell script execution

  • Improved visuals

  • SFTP/FTP/SMB connections with browser to allow file downloads

Usage Ideas

  • Use Application Launch feature to break the 16 app barrier

  • Use Copy/Paste to copy songs from your library in /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/Music to /Library/RingTones

  • Delete /var/root/Library to reset your settings (fixed my MobileTimer when it stopped allowing me to add clocks)

  • Delete unwanted applications

  • Edit plist files without a computer connection (when TextEdit integrates correctly)

  • Many, many more once full file operations are completed

August 20, 2007

Apple iPhone Bug's. Corrected in 1.0.1 update and not corrected

As shows the practice, any new soft, however it they tested, it has these or other bugs.iPhone not exception. Let's stop at three most extended appearing errors.

Music bug

After you start mp3-player, music will continue to play, even if you are switched into another application. But with the starting of browser Safari music unexpectedly hovers approximately for the minute. It is corrected into 1.0.1 update.

iPhone Battery Bug

With reaching of the complete charging of the telephone of icon of battery, nevertheless, did not reflect fully charged, showing 90%. It is corrected into 1.0.1 update.

Mail Bug

It is noted that after obtaining on iPhone letter with POP-accoutnt, you could download the same communication from the Mac. However, if we repeatedly visit from the telephone, then appeared error "This message has not been downloaded from the server." Bag is not corrected.

Apple Expo 2007

From 25 through 29 Apple is carried out European departure - it arranges in Paris the exhibition of name itself.

Review of new programs for Apple iPhone

For the transfer of music, photos and video from Apple iPhone on PC are created 2 programs.

Tansee iPhone Transfer

- Transfer song/video from iPhone to computer.

When use Tansee iPhone Transfer copy iPhone songs out?
- Backup songs in iPhone to PC.
- Copy iPhone songs to new computer or notebook.
- Computer crashed.
- Share your iPhone songs with friends.
- Copy all songs to a new iPhone.

Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo

- For transferring photos from your iPhone to computer.

When use Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo copy iPhone photos out?
- Backup or copy photos in iPhone to PC.
- Copy iPhone photos to new computer or notebook.
- Computer crashed.
- Share your iPhone photos with friends.
- Copy all photos to a new iPhone.
- iPhone Camera Photos to PC.

August 18, 2007

iPhone is now in Ukraine.

iPhone is now in Ukraine. Watch Video.

Useful iPhone Links

Dear readers of the blog. We offer you a place in the comments to this article useful, in your opinion, links. After that, all the information will be analysed for writing an interesting article.

August 17, 2007

How to use the iPhone girls with long nails?

The question arose. How to use the iPhone girls with long nails? Perhaps they will have to sacrifice a beauty or joy of iPhone. A third possibility is priterpivat permanent inconvenience. As you probably know from the screen iPhone could only run his hands namely fingers. Road or any foreign objects do not interact with the screen. Can anyone suggest ways?

Technology: iWood - New iPhone accessories.

A collection accessories for the iPhone appeared very elegant and stylish cover iWood. Such a title he received because it is made from wood.

Tree - friendly material, pleasant to the touch.

This case is 70 euros. Yet for 10 euros you have any words.

Who faster Wi-Fi or EDGE on iPhone?

The forum iPhoner asked "What is the maximum speed of receiving data over Wi-Fi in the iPhone? "This experimental data.

Dan : iPhone and 9.4 Mb file.
Do : download speed compared to WiFi and EDGE.
As a result, the test proved that over EDGE file skachalsya 15 minutes 41 seconds, and through WiFi-1 minute 11 seconds, which corresponds to the speed at 10.2 Kb / s and 135.6 Kb / s respectively.

And what's GPRS? Speed 2.7 Kb / s to download the file you will take hours.

August 16, 2007

1000 SMS message per day. And you?

A resident of Pittsburgh, Justine Ezarik few days ago was 300 pages detailed order from AT&T for use of communications services through its iPhone. Total went to 275 dollars. Certainly not $ 3000, which flew an American guy after roaming with iPhone, but still.

When Justin opened the premise of the operator and has friends, they are very surprised : it was a record amount from the United States. Justin, asked friends, but what you do with the phone? Brothers, he met a girl, I just talked a lot with all of you. Based on copies, it sends a month over 30,000 SMS messages to 1000 per day, 40 per hour, one every 40 seconds.

She sleeps and eats?

YouTube works in Russia

In the first week after iPhone unlock, service YouTube not worked with SIM Russian operators. It is now possible and YouTube works with SIM Russian operator "Beeline". Advertising Division "Beeline" very satisfied because they have become very popular on the Internet and left his competitors.

August 15, 2007

Technology: Magazines for iPhone

Texterity - is a company that specializes in digitizing (OCR) popular magazines. Not long ago, they became friendly site iPhone. Users become available search content, the content of publications, etc.
Rather, many will iPhone- create separate versions of their commercial projects, as users iPhone very attractive audience with the money.

Technology: Cool iPhone copy of the Japanese fans.

Around the world, thousands of fans iPhone but not everyone has the opportunity to buy it. There is a way out, to do his own hands. Of Mnozhestva various manufacturing iPhone that perhaps the most fascinating.

This copy made by the Japanese fan iPhone.
The only difference from the original creation of the iPhone is that the copy can not call.

August 14, 2007

Technology: Apple secrets or sell anything.

Viewing news blogs about high-tech news, I asked myself. Why iPhone is so popular with young people as well as people older? As Apple has been so interested in public their product, with the fact that this is the first phone released Apple? Can Apple has been marketing miracle, or "leverage" which clicked and people fell interest in the latest Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.
If you recall madness that happened near the store the day of the Apple iPhone sales it is both funny and scary. It is becoming clear that the cost of money and knowledge can be managed by various groups of people who would not even suspect it. Actions Apple to move their goods simply admire. Employees Apple deservedly paid. :) I think that getting to work in Apple and particularly to a division of publicity should have considerable expertise in this area.
In conclusion, this small article we would like to ask your readers for your blog, as you consider what methods used Apple to promote their goods and services?

Technology: Dead pixel on the iPhone.

Several users have asked the Apple service center in connection with the introduction of the phone dead pixel displays. Such a pixel can have various errors in the display of red, green and blue, and can be lightened or þe. The critical points are in different locations across the matrix in the number of one to two pieces. All Apple applied temporarily issued new iPhone, and the old took to the audit.

The allowable number of dead pixels is not specified in the specification, and few people know how many pixels should die, that the manufacturer has agreed to replace the machine.

While the Apple thinks of the official commentary, you can take .iPhone Dead Pixel Test at the special site.

Technology: Review of software for Apple iPhone.

Review of software for Apple iPhone.


Best of online client to IM iPhone, JiveTalk (BeeJive,, free) will work with accounts AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber at the same time, issuing a combined list and dialog interface. Mundu IM too good, so the choice between the two clients is a matter of taste. I like it more than the alternative -- FlickIM, iPhoneChatClient (which are only compatible with AIM) and Meebo (they simply inconvenient to use).

Glide Mobile

4 or 8-Mbyte it a lot? Glide (TransMedia,, free) will have 2 GB file storage space in the structure, which developers called "cloud" that is available not only to the iPhone, but also from any PC , Mac or mobile device (generally, Glide is a type of service "virtual desktop", said. Per.) . You can download music (even in the WMA format!) And video on iPhone, and enjoy many other functions Glide. For example, Glide not only store images, but also edit them; Now you can not only view PDF documents, but also to create new texts; You can synchronize PIM information from your PC to "cloud"; And yet the entire pile. This media stream. This tool combines a cool pieces should be iPhone.

Glide is not the only such program. With iPhone also works Orb, it can listen to music and watch pictures, but video and viewing documents from different formats Orb problems, so Glide wins here. iZoho promises office applications in the iPhone, but it is something you believe; it gOffice-simple pieces without any additional features, which are implemented in Glide.


OK, let 4 or 8 GB is more than enough. Our only agenda "for Mac" allows iPhone as USB flash drive-popular iPod possibility that Apple is somehow "forgot" to implement. So iPhoneDrive (Ecamm network,, 9.95 dollars) to overwrite files (iPhone is not defined as a PC disk drive), but it's better than nothing, and a good way to use remnants of free space in memory iPhone.

IPhone Videora Converter

How to convert video for the iPhone many. Some complex, but are lots of possibilities (MediaCoder), others paid (Roxio Crunch), and some violate our laws, allowing copy-protected DVD (author lives in the United States, said. Per.) . Videora Converter iPhone (Red Kawa Inc. , Http://, free) is very easy to use, legalen and works with any video, which you can not see on the PC. Find video-your case, and downloading of iPhone easily handles the utility. Enjoy.


Good games for the iPhone little; At Web 2.0 programmers little experience in the field of mobile devices. But huh, we got Bejeweled ... That is, the widget Diamenty (Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk,, free). The objective of the game is to build the line in three or more identical crystals, and then match neighbouring elements disappear from the screen. The game is considered complete when the playing field is no longer crystals, which can be treated in the right sequence, that is no longer moves. Fun nemudryaschaya like, but you can play in Diamenty almost indefinitely.

MacMost Sudoku

... and is Sudoku. I like version of Sudoku (MacMost,, free) from MacMost more rest, because there are several levels of complexity. The object of the game is to make sure that numbers from 1 to 9 were present in each row, column and box the size of 3 to 3. At first glance, simply, but in fact is becoming harder and harder to reduce the number of visible blocks of public figures at the beginning of the game. In addition, the site has several MacMost games iPhone, including Solitaire and Minesweeper.


That's hot : a search engine that looks for any free music on the Internet, assembles it on the Executive and recode it in a format compatible with the iPhone. It has lots of interesting thing. For example, I was looking for Lily Allen and found 21 of the track, including not included in the albums songs. You can also listen IIS, which amounted to users Seeqpod (Seeqpod, Inc. , Http://, free). People who like variety in music is to look at the site.


Signal (AlloySoft,, 29.95 dollars) is too expensive, so also are other free programs that engage iPhone as remote panel iTunes (best -- Telekinesis from Google ). The problem is that Windows nothing but Signal could not be found (all software designed for Mac). So, I would recommend it (only our chitatelyam- Sunni). Signal allows you to use iPhone management iTunes, WinAmp or Windows Media Player, manages playback, and navigation on the IIS. The programme will be helpful if those who use the PC as an entertainment centre.


Archives software for iPhone already enough, but Addfone (Magno Urbano,, free) contains more software (now 428 pieces and it is growing steadily). Issue 1 : scroll through the list of programs that we have to be something like a search query like "game" or "news" to see part of the list. But the breadth is impressive.

Technology: The man cut off a finger that was convenient scapegoat in iPhone.

News, never-mind. Denver resident Thomas Martel / Thomas Martel appealed to the surgery clinic to ensure that his thumb bone tion to the size of icons in the phone iPhone.

Thomas - incredibly great man, anxious for technological progress. When he bought a phone Apple, it was faced with a precise hit on the icons and buttons : bold finger to click something wrong with it. Then Thomas called doctors and described his life's difficulties. Doctors suggested surgery.

The operation under local anaesthesia lasted long. Surgeons removed bone of the thumb Thomas, modified roots nails, sshili muscles on the other. Now, the big guy finger like a woman (Rzhevsky, silent!) , As he incredibly happy because the first time falls on a virtual keyboard, and every day, faster print SMS.

What's next-the next eyes, kidneys, livers? :)

August 13, 2007

Technology : Skype for iPhone.

What thousands of people have waited so has been done. Spyro company Shape Services announced the development of web-based applications for Skype, which allows calls to the Internet owners iPhone.

Annex, called IM + created specifically for the touch screen iPhone, but at the same time can support virtually all mobile platforms : Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, etc. Currently, the company has invited beta testers and requests to send requests for invayty address
betaskype. iphone @ shapeservices. com.
The most active get me access to the service.

August 12, 2007

Technology: iPhone Games - Shooters

Our Canadian friends sent news that gamers legend id Software, game Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein plans to develop a shooter for the iPhone. As it is, Quake 3 Arena, the mobile Doom?

The idea, of course, a good, but as roket-jump do many other things? For me, iPhone most appropriate for logical games and strategies. And all that is required of hands, leave desktops.

August 10, 2007

iGlamour - Paint your iPhone

Technology: iGlamour - Paint your iPhone

Once the women arrived to iPhone, mobile jewellery industry had always work for them. Now a separate charge can ink your phone in any color, and do cause graffity gadget different, but it represents what the scandal broke, when two girls in one company found that they had the same kind of iPhone, horror!

Entertainment: The Simpsons Movie

After eighteen seasons, and four episodes of numerous awards and prizes (including premium "M", 23 "Emmy Awards" and Time magazine assigned the title "the best television show 20th Century)" Simpsons "feature film began.

In the long-awaited film on the grounds of the popular television series Gomer must save the world from disaster, as he himself provoked. It all starts with his new Washington, mumps, and leaking silo towers filled with manure. This nuclear mixture is the natural consequences of the kind that Springfield has not yet seen. While Marge been able huge miscalculation Gomera, with a hunger for revenge crowd close to home Simpsons. The family barely kills legs, but soon is divided by distance and contradictions.

Springfield residents are more reasons than blood thirsty Simpson. Provoked Gomera disaster attracted U.S. President Arnold Schwarzenegger and Head of the Environmental Protection Kardzhilla Rass, which is a diabolical plan to limit the disaster.

And while the fate of Springfield and the world hangs in the balance, Homer goes to "Odyssey" in the search for forgiveness Marge, in an effort to reunite their fractured family and save hometown.
The series "The Simpsons" was born 20 years ago, when Matt Grouninga asked to sketch cartoon sketches for the comedy series "The Tracy Ullman Show", which showed on Fox. Tom did not want to cast their popular comic "Life in Hell" and he sat back and on the spot created images Simpsons family. Since its beginning in 1988, a weekly half-series "The Simpsons" has placed high ratings and receive the highest-ranking critics, is becoming a pop culture phenomenon. The rest is the history of television series, and now the film.

August 9, 2007

Technology: Apple accused of stealing keyboard

Small firms SP Technologies, located in Florida, the company submitted a claim
In the advertising campaign accompanying the introduction iPhone, a manufacturer has paid particular attention to some of the innovations, which have a unique touch keyboard and a new phone. According to analysts, thanks to a great number of users, tired of a set text on mobile devices, are interested iPhone. Ironically, it has caused ordinary keyboard suit against Apple announced AppleInsider.

Small firms SP Technologies, located in Florida, the company submitted a claim, accusing Apple of violating patent law. The owners of the company claim that Apple iPhone borrowed for the keyboard interface, patented by more than seven years ago. In SP Technologies reported that the claims were sent to Apple in late February, when the images of prototypes iPhone. As a response from the IT giant has not yet been against Apple was filed in federal court in Texas. The charge sheet, which is four pages, that the keyboard interface iPhone uses 4 points patent formula, a registered 4-August 2000, which describes the methods and means easy data input and screen keyboard.

SP Guide Technology claims that Apple has deliberately violated state laws by selling the territory of Texas iPhone, made in violation of the patent. The company seeks compensation for the damage caused by the payment of royalty for each phone. In addition, SP Technology will be banned from further use of the Apple technology.

Earlier in the year, Steve Jobs, the head of Apple, said that to avoid lawsuits record almost every element of the device. At iPhone in the amount received more than 200 patents. According to InformationWeek, a patent that led to the scandal, was received addressed to Peter Bosena (Peter V. Boesen), who was recently sentenced to 51 months in federal penal colony for trying to defraud the health care system. Through fraud, he promised to reimburse the insurance companies more than 900 thousand dollars. Gerd has been filed patent suits in which defendants were Canon, LG Electronics and Kyocera.

Despite the prison term, won himself prosecutor, the situation patent scandal is still not clear. Apple has not yet responded to the accusations which, in large part, may well be fair. The Court, of course, take into account the "dark past" the plaintiff, but a patent in question, really. So here, Peter Bosena still have the chance to receive as compensation from Apple serious amount.

Patent disputes have often attracted worldwide attention. Sometimes prosecutors claim absurd, especially when it comes to the elements of design or interface. Nevertheless, the judge in deciding not relying on their knowledge of information technology, and the letter of the law. Regarding patents, the procedure itself is as provoking mass absurdities. Perhaps suits such as this still has to be filed against successful companies. To curb excesses this patent can only review the entire judicial system, which clearly does not happen very soon.

Technology: iPhone : from love to hate

Those who have already purchased from Apple iPhone, suggestions and zamechaaniya iPhone from Apple printed in just a month ago, but 90% of survey participants in PC World, reported that happy with their new toys. But they also have suggestions and comments, which were mainly related to the work of network services and voice functions.

About 13% of respondents said that experienced at least one major problem. Chief among them was the battery. "This is a fantastic device," says one of the owners iPhone. - especially when compared with my old Treo 700W, which seems to antiques. iPhone is the first and only true communicator. " Approximately 88% of the 500 respondents were very satisfied with the purchase.

What strong iPhone?

Many praised iPhone for the excellent audio and videovozmozhnosti. They were satisfied with 90% of respondents. "As an alternative to iPod, it really crushed," said one of them. As phone iPhone is less enthusiastic. Nevertheless, 84% of respondents were satisfied and telephone functions. iPhone also praised for easy browsing, as reported 83% of the study participants. The greatest criticism raised widgets embedded in the phone. They remained dissatisfied 62% of respondents. Another 46% believe that the camera in the office could be better.

Apple is wrong

The principal adverse reactions to the iPhone has cellphone operator AT & T. 40% of the survey respondents indicated that the transfer of data using EDGE technology in the network has been slow. Maximum speed is 200 Kbps, but it reaches only the most fortunate. The quality of voice transmission network AT & T through iPhone also leaves much to be desired. Only 61% felt that the quality of voice. Many have had problems such as insufficient network.

13% of participants said that faced with a serious problem when using the phone. It became notorious leader built battery, which complained about one third of them. Moreover, the problem is often met with a touch screen, Safari and other software. "Browser constantly plug and leave," said one of the buyers iPhone. Yes and video player unstable. "

CELEBRITY: Anna Nicole breast banned!!??

This scandal broke because of the increase in breast operation, which was made late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith in 1994.

Plastic surgeon Gerald Wayne Johnson, in a procedure, it turns out, it removes the camera, allegedly without celebrities, and recently gave the film a merchant souvenirs. However, according to the doctor, he agreed with the Star that after her death, he is entitled to receive a wish list. But such an outcome is not acceptable to Howard Stern, a former lawyer Smith, and he sued.

The judge sided defender Beauty and imposed a temporary ban on the distribution of the film.