August 14, 2007

Technology: Apple secrets or sell anything.

Viewing news blogs about high-tech news, I asked myself. Why iPhone is so popular with young people as well as people older? As Apple has been so interested in public their product, with the fact that this is the first phone released Apple? Can Apple has been marketing miracle, or "leverage" which clicked and people fell interest in the latest Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.
If you recall madness that happened near the store the day of the Apple iPhone sales it is both funny and scary. It is becoming clear that the cost of money and knowledge can be managed by various groups of people who would not even suspect it. Actions Apple to move their goods simply admire. Employees Apple deservedly paid. :) I think that getting to work in Apple and particularly to a division of publicity should have considerable expertise in this area.
In conclusion, this small article we would like to ask your readers for your blog, as you consider what methods used Apple to promote their goods and services?

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