September 25, 2007

Apollo v1.0.0 - ICQ, MSN, AIM, in your iPhone

We have a new version of Apollo. The most pleasant news yavletsya support ICQ. Hopefully soon will be full support for ICQ Apple iPhone!

To install Apollo on your iPhone do the following:

  • Download here
  • Install
  • Open on your iPhone
  • Choose "Community Sources," and then select
  • Select "Apollo 1.0, then install the

The new Samsung Armani is the same as Apple iPhone

Giorgio Armani, at a press-conference in Milan, presented a new phone mobilny luxury built in cooperation with Samsung. Phone Samsung SGH-P520 is very much like a new LG Prada and Apple iPhone. To say that Samsung is SGH-P520 clone Apple iPhone course not, but what a phone company and a designer and inspired it iPhone and its success in the United States think all understandable.
Samsung Armani have touch screen, occupying almost the entire front panel corps, and no keyboard. Diagonal screen - 2.6-inch, a 240x320-pxl , administered through fingers, and a graphical user interface and Sound Design developed exclusively for the phone.

Apple Expo in Paris. Frence announce Apple iPhone

Today in Paris kicked off Apple Expo is an ambitious exhibition of Apple products.
All attention was focused on Mac computers, and of course Apple iPhone. Although the main news Castelnau future iPhone in France was released well before the exhibition-partner Apple in France will be France Telecom. It also covered new iPod-iPod Touch almost complete copy iPhone, and the updated line Nano and Video.

The exhibition will be held from 25 to 29 September.

September 23, 2007

Russian iPhone keyboard in Apple Expo Paris

According to the developers russified keyboard, Apple's European office has proposed annonsirovat our domestic development of the Apple Expo Paris exhibition, which will be held from 25 to 29 September. The fact is that the French keyboard made to the Russian sources, it is possible an interesting turn of events.
This screenshot demonstrate russion keyboard:

September 21, 2007

A new competitor iPhone

Company Nokia is the leader in the world market for mobile phones. A successful model of low-cost phones, Finnish mobiles can find anywhere in the world. In the segment of luxury and luxury phones position the company were also strong. But after iPhone marketing immediately decided to issue a similar phone.
Nokia N98 technologically advanced his brother from Apple. Here are brief technical data phone: Sensory display new items will have an 3.5-inch diagonal in supporting 16 million colors. An operating system is Symbian S70 3rd edition. Among other specifications, it should be noted support HSDPA high standard and the 7.2-Mpixels camera with optical five and 20 times digital zoom, Carl Zeiss optics, to record video with a resolution of 720 h576 points and 30 frames per second.

Intel designs competitor iPhone based Moorestown

Intel reported that the going will soon issue a competitor Apple iPhone. The company could not help but notice iPhone commercial successes in the United States and feel powerless to repeat them. Future IntelPhone will not phone, but rather will apply to mobile Internet device (MID). New Platform Apparatus chosen Moorestown with x86- architecture and low power consumption. The new platform will double the reduction of the module and will integrate processor, memory and controller grafichesy in one chip.

European expansion iPhone

Defined third player in European expansion iPhone, it was the French operator France Telecom.
In an official statement, Apple reported that the iPhone will be in Germany on November 9, as in England. Partner vendor speak operator T-Mobile, which has already begun to prepare two line telephone tariffs for the sale of 399 euros ($ 557), it will cost less iPhone in the 84-millionth country.

For residents fog Albion phone will cost 269 pounds (or $ 536) in the light of all taxes. I recall that in the United States iPhone sold for $ 399. O2 has entered into an exclusive contract with Apple to sell phones. British operator became the second, after AT & T, who began working American vendor.

GPS for the iPhone

Navizon company, known for its development of GPS, produced for iPhone Navizon iPhone Utility, which can turn the phone into a virtual GPS receiver. After installing the software through the installer. app, you need to include Wi-Fi and have a nickname. Then, on the instructions of cellular towers (and / or hot spots) is your position on the city through Google Maps.

In comments in the forums Gizmodo, Macrumors, Engadget, not all were able to customize GPS iPhone. But developers say that the ability to calculate the coordinates of the place of utilities depends on the signal strength and operator settings.

Download Navizon iPhone Utility
Sign up -

New iPod Touch Clone

Sales of iPod Touch, and relies caused another wave of clones ...:) Player ONDA VX878 whose similarity to the aforementioned player clearly visible, with 2.4-inch 260 K touch screen, supports AVI, MP3, WAV, WMA , FLAC, APE, TXT, LRC, JPG, BMP, has a built FM tuner, speaker, Recorder, games. There is also microSD- slot for the card capacity up to 4 GB. Player provides up to 15 hours listening to music, and will cost $ 55 .... And what is even say except ... there is willing to iPod Touch? ;) In China, this player will be on sale at this week.

September 19, 2007

September 18, 2007

iPod Touch = iPhone - Phone - some features

Even before the new iPod Touch shodilis many agreed that it will clone iPhone, but without phone functions.

In general terms, and get on. Best iPod Touch can be described formula:
iPod Touch = iPhone - Phone-some features

The list of what is missing in the iPod Touch compared with iPhone, quite impressive. The main difference is in a new player no phone, camera and embedded speakers. Also absent Bluetooth.
As a player and a calendar notebook, but they can not be edited without the computer. But most unpleasant for iPod Touch owners is a lower quality image compared with iPhone. In doing so, it should not be forgotten about that Touch - is still multimedia player, a iPhone - is phone.

In recent days, this issue has been discussed in many forums and the majority owners of both views gadgets agreed that the problem is and it is very unpleasant. For example, one can customize the contrast, brightness can be changed.
Also already the first iPod owners Touch, a player who replaced with a new one. According to the quality of the video was almost like in the iPhone. But again, this is unconfirmed information.
If, in fact, this problem occurs only in the first batch of new players, it will soon be expected to replace withdrawing players.

Apparently Apple does not even attempt to hide that the iPod Touch is peredelanny iPhone. If you close iPod Touch password, and then enter the correct password, then there is a line where the player mistakenly called the telephone. Tested by three different players:

Paint iPhone and order

In the Internet emerged interesting proposal to modify your iPhone.

You can decorate your iPhone as you want and realize all your intentions. The site has excellent color palette in which you can paint all of your iPhone.

iPhone Touch Inside

iPod Touch, the younger brother iPhone, got in the hands iFixIt. com, which three months ago revealed the iPhone.

It turned out that the audio iPod Touch the same as in the iPhone and based on the chip Wolfson, although iPod Classic is Cirrus chip. Found Toshiba flash memory, 2 to 4 Gb. ARM processor, the frequency is unknown, Samsung production.

September 17, 2007

MobileSyncBrowser - Access to SMS, Notes, Call Hystory on iPhone

Product Description:
iTunes creates backups of your SMS text messages, notes and call history every time you sync. This utility allows you to view these backups and optionally export them. This preview version has been released for feedback. Suggestions and encouragement welcome!

What's new in this version:
Limited export, tab delimited. Phone number format editable but not saved between sessions.

Operating System Requirements:
This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 Intel

  • Mac OS X 10.4 PPC

  • Mac OS X 10.3.9

  • Mac OS X 10.3

  • Mac OS X 10.2

Download: Download MobileSyncBrowser

Apple iPhone in Cinema

As you already know, in the third season series "LOST" first appeared in the prototype iPhone hint in the form of satellite phone.

Just have screens of the new series "Journeyman", which went on air on September 24.

There were no curiosities. Main actor keeps the phone upside down: he has not explained where the talk.

Apparently, Google refused to pay their advertising, so you can see the new search engine Finder-spydeR.

September 15, 2007

Very interesting. What that's mean?

If everything was so easy it is wonderful:) There is no need to sit at home and the most pain:) This guys table there must be equipped with a laptop and a $ 9.99 fee to unlock one of the iPhone. I am sure that will stand as part of the day sales iPhone.

September 14, 2007

MobileChat for iPhone


  • AIM Account Support
  • IM Abilities
  • Full Buddylist with Statuses
  • Change status: Away & Online
  • Suspend and stay online
  • Sound notifications
  • Popup Notifications

About MobileChat:

While everyone was knocking the iPhone's capabilities and complaining about the lack of iChat support, we took a different route and figured we'd fill the gap that Apple shockingly left open. That being said, MobileChat was born. Using a simplistic approach, keeping a unified GUI in mind, and using the most light weight methods for executing tasks, MobileChat is the premier AIM Application for the iPhone. In fact, it's so light-weight and efficient that it runs just about as well on the EDGE network as it does on any WiFi network! Give it a try today and if you love it that much (We know you will!), tell your friends!


We’re actively looking for developers to join the MobileChat project, any Objective-C programmers with iPhone experience please shoot us an email at to discuss your role on the MobileChat development team.

Download MobileChat

Apple iPhone Games. Play and Fun

Tile Game
Very fun and addictive tile game!

Virtual Dog

Virtual Dog for the iPhone!! You must take care of your virtual pet, mae it, feed it, play with it or it will die.

Play here

Mystic 8-ball

The Mystic 8-Ball gives yes or no answers. We even shake it for you! You can choose between a standard shaking animation and a more interesting "spastic" animation. Your settings are stored and remembered for future uses


Play Chess on your iPhone, with a great interface!

Play here


A great way to waste time on the train! Very similar to the game Collapse.

Play here


Test your reflexes, see how fast you can touch the dots appearing on the screen.

Play here


Play America's latest craze directly on your iPhone. To win your game of Sudoku, you must fill each horizontal line, vertical line and box with 1 through 10 without repeating those numbers in the lines or boxes. Can be challenging, but lots of fun!

Play here

That's all. )) See.

Interesting video about iPod Touch. Must See.

September 13, 2007

Apple has been fourfold Superbrends

Apple joined the four rating SuperBrands 2007 and won numerous praise. This ceremony is held annually with a view to identifying the most influential and important brands in different sectors of business. The study involved nearly 1,500 leading business analysts. The main criteria that guided the selection of the respondents were reliability, quality and brand awareness.

So iPod took second place in the list of best brands, Apple is located at the seventh, 19th on iTunes, a breakthrough year are very young iPhone-23 place.

Leader of the year is the car brand Aston Martin.

Of the known - YouTube (3 place), Google (5), (6) PlayStation, Nintendo (9) and eBay (13).

Unlock iPhone in One-Click

Activate your iPhone in seconds. Download this software (only 0.2MB) and click its "Unlock iPhone" button. That's it. No computer knowledge needed. No wonder, it is the easiest way you can find to activate an iPhone.

After activativation, you will be able to use the iPhone as an iPod and PDA with WiFi support. SIM card unlock support will be added very soon.

iTunes version (You need this iTunes version to activate. You can upgrade to any other future versions after that)

One-Click iPhone Activation Tool for Mac (coming soon)

Samsung wants to take a seat iPhone? Corix - New Samsung concept phone

The interface for mobile phones submitted by Samsung, a winner iF Communication Design Award 2007. A new interface called the "Croix, and, apparently, it is part of Samsung developed in-place concept phone, which apparently is very much like Apple iPhone and will differ mainly new front and the inscription" Samsung ".

The "Croix" focuses on the work without stylus using fingers, but the principle of building different than the iPhone. It is difficult to say whether it would be easier, but the fact of alternatives shows that the future is paltse- oriented interfaces and any shortcomings of the interface from Apple that has not changed. In the ad account of iF Communication Design Award 2007 indicated that the new interface from Samsung applies to any user tasks equally well.

It is expected that the company will issue a series of Samsung phones based on its new concept. Thus Samsung enters into competition between the iPhone and several of its clones from other manufacturers.

September 12, 2007

GUI Software released in beta!

First of all im gonna warn you make sure your running version 1.02 firmware.

Settings → General → About → Version. Modem Firmware should also say 03.14.08_G

Your phone will also need to be jailbroken you can use iBrickr for this!
More information on the Dev Wiki to do so!

Next Download the GUI Application and extract it and upload to your Iphones /Applications/ Directory

It should be /Applications/

You should now see Unlock icon on your iphone run this!

Leave it for about 20mins to work (yes slow but im working an know how to make this around 3minutes already tested)

it should pause at Flashing firmware for 20minutes, this and wont move the percentage bar will not move as this is beta the new version will be a 2-5minute process.
This is still buggy and i will release a faster version in a few days as i havent slept.Also when after complete hit the home button and restart iphone if you dont get signal
Credits to Erica(Parts of the GUI) & the Iphone Dev team( iUnlock) who usually dont want to be linked to so google them!And a shoutout to all those reporters who manage to get stories completly wrong

They did it. Free unlock for all. Yeah!!!

Software Unlock

First of all im gonna warn you make sure your running version 1.02 firmware.

Settings → General → About → Version. Modem Firmware should also say 03.14.08_G

Your phone will also need to be jailbroken you can use iBrickr for this!

When you have iBrickr running install the following.

  • Community Sources
  • OpenSSH
  • BSD Subsystem (might take some minutes)

Next Use WinSCP (root/dottie) and copy the the following files to /usr/bin

You can find your iPhones ip address by using the wifi settings and picking your network and hitting the blue arrow will reveal your ip.

Now make a folder under /usr/ called local/etc

So you upload minirc.dfl to /usr/local/etc

Now using putty log back in with your login root/dottie

and run the following commands :

cd /usr/bin/

chmod +x iUnlock

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

iUnlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor

Wait a while usually around 20minutes.

After this is complete in putty run

bbupdater -v

You should see issuing +xgendata... and a lot more stuff this is good!

now still in putty type


When everything loads ok type AT it should respond with OK

If all is good issue these commands next



if it gives a response with 0 your unlocked!

Now just run this command in putty!

launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/


Source: iPhone Software Unlock

September 11, 2007

1 Million iPhone SOLD

Today, Apple announced the sale of MILLION iPhone. To achieve this, it took exactly 74 days. Here's what Steve Jobs said on the subject: "Million iPhone for 74 days, we took about 2 years to achieve this result with the iPod. We can not wait for the time when more people get to the holidays, our revolutionary product. " Hopes Steve Jobs dashed (with the first presentation he called iPhone month of September, when a million will be sold). But it makes Jobs in the last sentence of iPhone in Europe, we will soon know.

September 8, 2007

iTunes Review: iTunes 7.4 under the microscope

The most important feature of the new iTunes 7.4 support custom ringtones for iPhone - ironically now has been out of reach: a new feature in iTunes Store still does not work, purchase ringtones has not. The iPhone added a new favorite, which is not difficult to guess this is called "Ringtones":

Traces ringtones traces and elsewhere updated iTunes, for example, the already extensive list of speakers displayed in the slot play added a line. With this approach, the owner of Mac appeared further chance to appreciate the flavors of widescreen displays ...

... although the following screenshot somehow not convincingly demonstrates that - buy ringtones in iTunes Store still problematic, respectively, the new column is original sound:

Expanded opportunities synchronization play-list: in the windows of the structure appears the most accurate way with folders, in the iTunes Library grouped play-list's - as a result, synchronize play-list's now immediately entire directories. Unconditional progress, although, in practice, the new feature is available only for the contents of the "Music" (with movies, serials and podcasts that focus simply not provided). Collusion in the top tree synchronization surfaced two new sections: "Purchased" and "Audiobooks".
Already mentioned ratings album is worth screenshot-stand assessment Having plate can only mode "View Album", with parts of songs in the album have received custom evaluation, iTunes will automatically calculate the rating plate (such assessment will be displayed contour asterisks). Absolute value of this innovation is that at the photo ratings can create some smart lists (if you have to update to version 7.4, please note the new test "Album Rating").
What else? List regimes view video (in version 7.3-box landscape covers, in a separate pop-up window iTunes plus full screen) added to the fourth paragraph-now films, serials and other possible display in the iTunes window.
Already report that the connection of two full-screen display, you can run in the second display, while maintaining access to the window itself.

The end. Thank you. ;)
Source: iLounge

T-Mobile buy iPhoneSIMFree?, one of the companies claiming to have a completed sowtware unlocking hack ready for sale, put out a letter newsletter recently informing subscribers that they have been purchased by an undisclosed larger company. According to an anonymous email tip, the billing and shipping system that they had been working on is now finished now that their acquisition has transitioned. Read on for the full newsletter:

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 14:15:38 +0200From: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>Reply-To: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>Message-ID:

<>To: *deleted*Subject: again sorry about the confusion!

Hello ,

as our operation grew quite big, we were bought by a larger company here in ourcountry. This is why some proforma were cancelled, and we have switched to ournew billing. Again sorry about the confusion.
--Best regards,iPhoneSimFree

Read more

Cybersquatter attacked Aplle brend's: What is this? Crime or Business?

September 5 famous company Apple introduced a new line of products - iPod players touch, a day after domains similar to the name of new items have been employed cybersquatter.

To date domains with the word iPodTouch zones NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO and the US are already working. Domain recorded earlier, in late August. Not able to take a company and the domain

Worst of all things with the domain, under which there is pornography site. Two months ago the company was forced Apple buy domain name, previously owned by the company "Internet Phone". The amount will not be disclosed, however, according to industry analysts, it was between 1 and 5 million dollars.

This site has been located links to shops mobile phones, but on the iPhone is not a word was written. In early July, the owners of the site said that no transfer or sell their Apple project, as it is not sold in time Cisco, which is recalled, also once tried to become the owner of that name. But now the domain of resource leads to

September 7, 2007

Unpacking the new iPod players: Photo Gallery

An interesting thing for the first time in several years, new players iPod comes in stores even before the scheduled date company. Despite the fact that Steve Jobs promised to issue only to the iPod classic weekends, they already have for sale. Nor their first appeared happy holders, which are now shared online photo of unpacking new iPod nano and clasic.

We are interested in this gallery that allows the player to see in the real world. While it is a great opportunity to compare the new model with the previous, good collection of players unknown Mac user was solid.

Photo Gallery: