August 9, 2007

Technology: Apple accused of stealing keyboard

Small firms SP Technologies, located in Florida, the company submitted a claim
In the advertising campaign accompanying the introduction iPhone, a manufacturer has paid particular attention to some of the innovations, which have a unique touch keyboard and a new phone. According to analysts, thanks to a great number of users, tired of a set text on mobile devices, are interested iPhone. Ironically, it has caused ordinary keyboard suit against Apple announced AppleInsider.

Small firms SP Technologies, located in Florida, the company submitted a claim, accusing Apple of violating patent law. The owners of the company claim that Apple iPhone borrowed for the keyboard interface, patented by more than seven years ago. In SP Technologies reported that the claims were sent to Apple in late February, when the images of prototypes iPhone. As a response from the IT giant has not yet been against Apple was filed in federal court in Texas. The charge sheet, which is four pages, that the keyboard interface iPhone uses 4 points patent formula, a registered 4-August 2000, which describes the methods and means easy data input and screen keyboard.

SP Guide Technology claims that Apple has deliberately violated state laws by selling the territory of Texas iPhone, made in violation of the patent. The company seeks compensation for the damage caused by the payment of royalty for each phone. In addition, SP Technology will be banned from further use of the Apple technology.

Earlier in the year, Steve Jobs, the head of Apple, said that to avoid lawsuits record almost every element of the device. At iPhone in the amount received more than 200 patents. According to InformationWeek, a patent that led to the scandal, was received addressed to Peter Bosena (Peter V. Boesen), who was recently sentenced to 51 months in federal penal colony for trying to defraud the health care system. Through fraud, he promised to reimburse the insurance companies more than 900 thousand dollars. Gerd has been filed patent suits in which defendants were Canon, LG Electronics and Kyocera.

Despite the prison term, won himself prosecutor, the situation patent scandal is still not clear. Apple has not yet responded to the accusations which, in large part, may well be fair. The Court, of course, take into account the "dark past" the plaintiff, but a patent in question, really. So here, Peter Bosena still have the chance to receive as compensation from Apple serious amount.

Patent disputes have often attracted worldwide attention. Sometimes prosecutors claim absurd, especially when it comes to the elements of design or interface. Nevertheless, the judge in deciding not relying on their knowledge of information technology, and the letter of the law. Regarding patents, the procedure itself is as provoking mass absurdities. Perhaps suits such as this still has to be filed against successful companies. To curb excesses this patent can only review the entire judicial system, which clearly does not happen very soon.

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