August 9, 2007

Technology: iPhone : from love to hate

Those who have already purchased from Apple iPhone, suggestions and zamechaaniya iPhone from Apple printed in just a month ago, but 90% of survey participants in PC World, reported that happy with their new toys. But they also have suggestions and comments, which were mainly related to the work of network services and voice functions.

About 13% of respondents said that experienced at least one major problem. Chief among them was the battery. "This is a fantastic device," says one of the owners iPhone. - especially when compared with my old Treo 700W, which seems to antiques. iPhone is the first and only true communicator. " Approximately 88% of the 500 respondents were very satisfied with the purchase.

What strong iPhone?

Many praised iPhone for the excellent audio and videovozmozhnosti. They were satisfied with 90% of respondents. "As an alternative to iPod, it really crushed," said one of them. As phone iPhone is less enthusiastic. Nevertheless, 84% of respondents were satisfied and telephone functions. iPhone also praised for easy browsing, as reported 83% of the study participants. The greatest criticism raised widgets embedded in the phone. They remained dissatisfied 62% of respondents. Another 46% believe that the camera in the office could be better.

Apple is wrong

The principal adverse reactions to the iPhone has cellphone operator AT & T. 40% of the survey respondents indicated that the transfer of data using EDGE technology in the network has been slow. Maximum speed is 200 Kbps, but it reaches only the most fortunate. The quality of voice transmission network AT & T through iPhone also leaves much to be desired. Only 61% felt that the quality of voice. Many have had problems such as insufficient network.

13% of participants said that faced with a serious problem when using the phone. It became notorious leader built battery, which complained about one third of them. Moreover, the problem is often met with a touch screen, Safari and other software. "Browser constantly plug and leave," said one of the buyers iPhone. Yes and video player unstable. "

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