August 24, 2007

FAQ : Install applications on your iPhone

Whatever Apple claimed, but to put an application in the iPhone could and should be.

For platform MAC has Installer. app for PC-iBrickr. At last I will elaborate.

  • Download file from the developer
  • Unpacking. Running ibrickr.exe
  • Click on Free my iPhone.
  • Programm-ask download software company. We must synchronize the iPhone with iTunes, click on Restore button in iTunes. iTunes will ask you to return to the factory settings? Yes
  • Before starting downloading, disconnect iPhone, but not interrupt the download process.
  • When iTunes pump finish, it will begin to unpack the file and give - Error! ! ! click OK and close it. Connect your phone again. Go to iBrikr, click Check again
  • iBrikr propose overburden phone Restore Mode
  • Following the program

You can now set their ringtones, put software (list available here and here, including NES- games and books reders).

These operations can be done even a child. ;) Thx.

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