August 14, 2007

Technology: Review of software for Apple iPhone.

Review of software for Apple iPhone.


Best of online client to IM iPhone, JiveTalk (BeeJive,, free) will work with accounts AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber at the same time, issuing a combined list and dialog interface. Mundu IM too good, so the choice between the two clients is a matter of taste. I like it more than the alternative -- FlickIM, iPhoneChatClient (which are only compatible with AIM) and Meebo (they simply inconvenient to use).

Glide Mobile

4 or 8-Mbyte it a lot? Glide (TransMedia,, free) will have 2 GB file storage space in the structure, which developers called "cloud" that is available not only to the iPhone, but also from any PC , Mac or mobile device (generally, Glide is a type of service "virtual desktop", said. Per.) . You can download music (even in the WMA format!) And video on iPhone, and enjoy many other functions Glide. For example, Glide not only store images, but also edit them; Now you can not only view PDF documents, but also to create new texts; You can synchronize PIM information from your PC to "cloud"; And yet the entire pile. This media stream. This tool combines a cool pieces should be iPhone.

Glide is not the only such program. With iPhone also works Orb, it can listen to music and watch pictures, but video and viewing documents from different formats Orb problems, so Glide wins here. iZoho promises office applications in the iPhone, but it is something you believe; it gOffice-simple pieces without any additional features, which are implemented in Glide.


OK, let 4 or 8 GB is more than enough. Our only agenda "for Mac" allows iPhone as USB flash drive-popular iPod possibility that Apple is somehow "forgot" to implement. So iPhoneDrive (Ecamm network,, 9.95 dollars) to overwrite files (iPhone is not defined as a PC disk drive), but it's better than nothing, and a good way to use remnants of free space in memory iPhone.

IPhone Videora Converter

How to convert video for the iPhone many. Some complex, but are lots of possibilities (MediaCoder), others paid (Roxio Crunch), and some violate our laws, allowing copy-protected DVD (author lives in the United States, said. Per.) . Videora Converter iPhone (Red Kawa Inc. , Http://, free) is very easy to use, legalen and works with any video, which you can not see on the PC. Find video-your case, and downloading of iPhone easily handles the utility. Enjoy.


Good games for the iPhone little; At Web 2.0 programmers little experience in the field of mobile devices. But huh, we got Bejeweled ... That is, the widget Diamenty (Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk,, free). The objective of the game is to build the line in three or more identical crystals, and then match neighbouring elements disappear from the screen. The game is considered complete when the playing field is no longer crystals, which can be treated in the right sequence, that is no longer moves. Fun nemudryaschaya like, but you can play in Diamenty almost indefinitely.

MacMost Sudoku

... and is Sudoku. I like version of Sudoku (MacMost,, free) from MacMost more rest, because there are several levels of complexity. The object of the game is to make sure that numbers from 1 to 9 were present in each row, column and box the size of 3 to 3. At first glance, simply, but in fact is becoming harder and harder to reduce the number of visible blocks of public figures at the beginning of the game. In addition, the site has several MacMost games iPhone, including Solitaire and Minesweeper.


That's hot : a search engine that looks for any free music on the Internet, assembles it on the Executive and recode it in a format compatible with the iPhone. It has lots of interesting thing. For example, I was looking for Lily Allen and found 21 of the track, including not included in the albums songs. You can also listen IIS, which amounted to users Seeqpod (Seeqpod, Inc. , Http://, free). People who like variety in music is to look at the site.


Signal (AlloySoft,, 29.95 dollars) is too expensive, so also are other free programs that engage iPhone as remote panel iTunes (best -- Telekinesis from Google ). The problem is that Windows nothing but Signal could not be found (all software designed for Mac). So, I would recommend it (only our chitatelyam- Sunni). Signal allows you to use iPhone management iTunes, WinAmp or Windows Media Player, manages playback, and navigation on the IIS. The programme will be helpful if those who use the PC as an entertainment centre.


Archives software for iPhone already enough, but Addfone (Magno Urbano,, free) contains more software (now 428 pieces and it is growing steadily). Issue 1 : scroll through the list of programs that we have to be something like a search query like "game" or "news" to see part of the list. But the breadth is impressive.

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