August 14, 2007

Technology: The man cut off a finger that was convenient scapegoat in iPhone.

News, never-mind. Denver resident Thomas Martel / Thomas Martel appealed to the surgery clinic to ensure that his thumb bone tion to the size of icons in the phone iPhone.

Thomas - incredibly great man, anxious for technological progress. When he bought a phone Apple, it was faced with a precise hit on the icons and buttons : bold finger to click something wrong with it. Then Thomas called doctors and described his life's difficulties. Doctors suggested surgery.

The operation under local anaesthesia lasted long. Surgeons removed bone of the thumb Thomas, modified roots nails, sshili muscles on the other. Now, the big guy finger like a woman (Rzhevsky, silent!) , As he incredibly happy because the first time falls on a virtual keyboard, and every day, faster print SMS.

What's next-the next eyes, kidneys, livers? :)


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