August 10, 2007

Entertainment: The Simpsons Movie

After eighteen seasons, and four episodes of numerous awards and prizes (including premium "M", 23 "Emmy Awards" and Time magazine assigned the title "the best television show 20th Century)" Simpsons "feature film began.

In the long-awaited film on the grounds of the popular television series Gomer must save the world from disaster, as he himself provoked. It all starts with his new Washington, mumps, and leaking silo towers filled with manure. This nuclear mixture is the natural consequences of the kind that Springfield has not yet seen. While Marge been able huge miscalculation Gomera, with a hunger for revenge crowd close to home Simpsons. The family barely kills legs, but soon is divided by distance and contradictions.

Springfield residents are more reasons than blood thirsty Simpson. Provoked Gomera disaster attracted U.S. President Arnold Schwarzenegger and Head of the Environmental Protection Kardzhilla Rass, which is a diabolical plan to limit the disaster.

And while the fate of Springfield and the world hangs in the balance, Homer goes to "Odyssey" in the search for forgiveness Marge, in an effort to reunite their fractured family and save hometown.
The series "The Simpsons" was born 20 years ago, when Matt Grouninga asked to sketch cartoon sketches for the comedy series "The Tracy Ullman Show", which showed on Fox. Tom did not want to cast their popular comic "Life in Hell" and he sat back and on the spot created images Simpsons family. Since its beginning in 1988, a weekly half-series "The Simpsons" has placed high ratings and receive the highest-ranking critics, is becoming a pop culture phenomenon. The rest is the history of television series, and now the film.

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