September 2, 2007

How to: ringtones on the iPhone

It was released iToner tool that allows for a couple of seconds to fill in your favorite phone ringtones in MP3 and AAC formats. Interface program reminds iPhone, you just drag files in the working area, as shown in the screenshot. After zhmete "Synchronization" - and that you can assign personal alarms list of contacts.

As you know, have to pay for the convenience. iToner costs $ 15, works only with Mac OS X 10.4.10 and above. I would recommend to other MAC iFuntastic utility, which is free.
iFuntastic allows :
  • Have their ringtones (process takes a little longer than iToner)
  • Change system sound
  • Edit text files
  • Paint SMS messgae and make smiles for iChat
  • Using the file browser, making iPhone file storage

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