September 14, 2007

MobileChat for iPhone


  • AIM Account Support
  • IM Abilities
  • Full Buddylist with Statuses
  • Change status: Away & Online
  • Suspend and stay online
  • Sound notifications
  • Popup Notifications

About MobileChat:

While everyone was knocking the iPhone's capabilities and complaining about the lack of iChat support, we took a different route and figured we'd fill the gap that Apple shockingly left open. That being said, MobileChat was born. Using a simplistic approach, keeping a unified GUI in mind, and using the most light weight methods for executing tasks, MobileChat is the premier AIM Application for the iPhone. In fact, it's so light-weight and efficient that it runs just about as well on the EDGE network as it does on any WiFi network! Give it a try today and if you love it that much (We know you will!), tell your friends!


We’re actively looking for developers to join the MobileChat project, any Objective-C programmers with iPhone experience please shoot us an email at to discuss your role on the MobileChat development team.

Download MobileChat

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