September 18, 2007

iPod Touch = iPhone - Phone - some features

Even before the new iPod Touch shodilis many agreed that it will clone iPhone, but without phone functions.

In general terms, and get on. Best iPod Touch can be described formula:
iPod Touch = iPhone - Phone-some features

The list of what is missing in the iPod Touch compared with iPhone, quite impressive. The main difference is in a new player no phone, camera and embedded speakers. Also absent Bluetooth.
As a player and a calendar notebook, but they can not be edited without the computer. But most unpleasant for iPod Touch owners is a lower quality image compared with iPhone. In doing so, it should not be forgotten about that Touch - is still multimedia player, a iPhone - is phone.

In recent days, this issue has been discussed in many forums and the majority owners of both views gadgets agreed that the problem is and it is very unpleasant. For example, one can customize the contrast, brightness can be changed.
Also already the first iPod owners Touch, a player who replaced with a new one. According to the quality of the video was almost like in the iPhone. But again, this is unconfirmed information.
If, in fact, this problem occurs only in the first batch of new players, it will soon be expected to replace withdrawing players.

Apparently Apple does not even attempt to hide that the iPod Touch is peredelanny iPhone. If you close iPod Touch password, and then enter the correct password, then there is a line where the player mistakenly called the telephone. Tested by three different players:

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iPhone 5 said...

It's great that iphone never stops to crate new applications which are silly and entertaining. The thing about application is that the crazier it seems, the funnier it is to play with.