September 13, 2007

Samsung wants to take a seat iPhone? Corix - New Samsung concept phone

The interface for mobile phones submitted by Samsung, a winner iF Communication Design Award 2007. A new interface called the "Croix, and, apparently, it is part of Samsung developed in-place concept phone, which apparently is very much like Apple iPhone and will differ mainly new front and the inscription" Samsung ".

The "Croix" focuses on the work without stylus using fingers, but the principle of building different than the iPhone. It is difficult to say whether it would be easier, but the fact of alternatives shows that the future is paltse- oriented interfaces and any shortcomings of the interface from Apple that has not changed. In the ad account of iF Communication Design Award 2007 indicated that the new interface from Samsung applies to any user tasks equally well.

It is expected that the company will issue a series of Samsung phones based on its new concept. Thus Samsung enters into competition between the iPhone and several of its clones from other manufacturers.

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