September 8, 2007

iTunes Review: iTunes 7.4 under the microscope

The most important feature of the new iTunes 7.4 support custom ringtones for iPhone - ironically now has been out of reach: a new feature in iTunes Store still does not work, purchase ringtones has not. The iPhone added a new favorite, which is not difficult to guess this is called "Ringtones":

Traces ringtones traces and elsewhere updated iTunes, for example, the already extensive list of speakers displayed in the slot play added a line. With this approach, the owner of Mac appeared further chance to appreciate the flavors of widescreen displays ...

... although the following screenshot somehow not convincingly demonstrates that - buy ringtones in iTunes Store still problematic, respectively, the new column is original sound:

Expanded opportunities synchronization play-list: in the windows of the structure appears the most accurate way with folders, in the iTunes Library grouped play-list's - as a result, synchronize play-list's now immediately entire directories. Unconditional progress, although, in practice, the new feature is available only for the contents of the "Music" (with movies, serials and podcasts that focus simply not provided). Collusion in the top tree synchronization surfaced two new sections: "Purchased" and "Audiobooks".
Already mentioned ratings album is worth screenshot-stand assessment Having plate can only mode "View Album", with parts of songs in the album have received custom evaluation, iTunes will automatically calculate the rating plate (such assessment will be displayed contour asterisks). Absolute value of this innovation is that at the photo ratings can create some smart lists (if you have to update to version 7.4, please note the new test "Album Rating").
What else? List regimes view video (in version 7.3-box landscape covers, in a separate pop-up window iTunes plus full screen) added to the fourth paragraph-now films, serials and other possible display in the iTunes window.
Already report that the connection of two full-screen display, you can run in the second display, while maintaining access to the window itself.

The end. Thank you. ;)
Source: iLounge

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