September 3, 2007

Hardware unlock - iPhone exploded!!

Two craftsmen, without waiting for software tools adjustable decided to try their luck with the hardware method Geohot.

But during the autopsy cover phone suddenly smoke and suddenly exploded, complains one panellist Either guys staged a battery shorting out circuits or a company protection from Apple hack. So in the 70-ies of the Japanese supplied some of its devices with acid bulb that smashing and destroying the inside, if someone tried to go inside in order to copy itself.

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unlock iphone 2g said...

Hi Simon. I`d like to ask something. I have “accidentally” jailbroken my Iphone to 2.2.1 baseband 2.30.03, bootloader 5.9. Since there seems to be no unlock for it, I plan to “restore” to 3.0, update to iTunes 8.2