September 8, 2007

T-Mobile buy iPhoneSIMFree?, one of the companies claiming to have a completed sowtware unlocking hack ready for sale, put out a letter newsletter recently informing subscribers that they have been purchased by an undisclosed larger company. According to an anonymous email tip, the billing and shipping system that they had been working on is now finished now that their acquisition has transitioned. Read on for the full newsletter:

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 14:15:38 +0200From: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>Reply-To: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>Message-ID:

<>To: *deleted*Subject: again sorry about the confusion!

Hello ,

as our operation grew quite big, we were bought by a larger company here in ourcountry. This is why some proforma were cancelled, and we have switched to ournew billing. Again sorry about the confusion.
--Best regards,iPhoneSimFree

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